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Ever See a Cat High on Catnip? It's Bad News
Saturday, 3 October 2009
Ever See a Cat High on Catnip? It's Bad News
Oh my word, one of the funniest and oddest things I've ever seen is happening in my place right this minute. We have two cats, Elvis and Daisy May. They're pretty relaxed, laid back, and prefer to sleep almost all of the time. They are brother and sister, two years of age, and I've always thought they seemed pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary, like say, a drug problem...or so I believed.

I was at the pet store today and bought a card scratch board type of thing. I brought it home, took it out of the box and left it on the floor and went about my day. I swear, if cats could smile, he was smiling from ear to ear. He put his nose up to the cardboard and would not move, like his nose was fixed to it or something.

The girl, Daisy May, was over near the outer box making an attempt to rip it apart. What the??? What's up with the cats? They seldom move and now they are both acting like crazies. I took the outer box from Daisy May and within was a little baggie containing some dried green leaves. It reminded me of the bags of marijuana that the police take from the bad guys on the show Cops. I re-read the box the cardboard came in and it revealed it contained one bag of'Catnip'. information about catnip call,

I had never seen Catnip and basically thought it was something that was made up ; [**] my cats knew what it was. Geeze, hand them a lighter and I bet they'd have smoked it. I mean it, they were trying to eat the card to get to the catnip, or the smell, as that must have leaked onto the cardboard. Daisy May put her nose up to the board for another hit, er, smell, and Elvis full on smacked her on the head as if to inform her it was his stash and to go get her own. What has happened to my sweet, mellow cats? They were fighting over a hit off the cardboard.

Good thing moggies can't have guns. I'm beginning to think he's an addict. If he starts following his paws around in the air seeing tracers, I'm taking that cardboard back.Tripod catnip Ever See a Cat High on Catnip? It's Bad News

I think I'm going to take them to narcotics anonymous tomorrow as they need to get clean. This stuff is bad news. Ever see a cat's brain on catnip? It is the same as that commercial with the fried egg. Bad news.

Posted by rodfrost9288 at 7:48 PM EDT

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